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Addiction to Diet Pepsi

100% Improvement 

Client Complaint

A 49-year old male came to our clinic complaining of fibromyalgia pain which is characterized by chronic wide spread pain and tenderness in the neck, shoulder, arm, low back, hip, knees and ankles.  During the initial consultation, he revealed that he normally consumed 12 cans of diet Pepsi per day.  He also said if he stops drinking diet Pepsi, his hands would shake and he would feel increasingly anxious.


Nutritional imbalance is one of the contributing factors in any disorder.  I’ve decided to treat his addiction to diet Pepsi before focusing on his fibromyalgia.  After one treatment, he reported he only drank 2 cans per day.  I repeated the same treatment on his second visit.  A few days later, when he showed up for on his third visit, he happily reported that he no longer had any cravings for diet Pepsi.  Today, he only drinks water and tea.  He still comes for treatment for fibromyalgia but for several weeks now he continues to show no cravings for diet Pepsi or sodas of any kind.


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