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Shingle Pain 100% Improvement

Client Complaint

It was December 2010 when a 49-year old male came to our clinic  and complained of shingle pain that he had suffered for 2 years.  He reported pain levels was between a 5 and 9, which is a very unbearable pain level. The pain was so debilitating that he was unable to function at work.  With every episode of piercing and burning pain, he would halt all work to lay-down and rest.


After his first acupuncture treatment, his pain level diminished 75%.  However, it continued to come back-and-forth for the next nine visits.  With every treatment, he experienced a decreased in pain intensity and frequency of attack.  In total, it took seventeen sessions of acupuncture therapy to stabilize his condition.
In May 2012, we followed-up on his condition. He reported that the shingle pain had disappeared completely.


Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy

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