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Post-Surgical Pain

Whole body pain with lack of energy - 92% improvement

Client Complaint

 "I have listed my improvements on the chart below.  In six weeks most of my major pain have diminished or completely gone away.

My week was in bed 5 days out of 7 days for better then 10 months.  Now I have not taken any pain pills.  The acupuncture treatments given by doctor Denise Hoang has been a true MIRACLE.  She studied my problems and walked with me in my pain.  She identified my pain and then removed it.  She used acupuncture, herbs and NAET and a healing soup.

It took an almost fatal event in my life called B.O.O.P. to which I almost past away.  I knew I needed an expert acupuncturist to help heal me.  I found that person in Dr. Hoang!


Improvement since starting care:          Results:

1st treatment     20%                            Reduced pain
1st week            25%                              Reduced allergies
Second week     35%                             Stopped lower back pain
Third week         40%                           Stopped taking 9-12 pain pills/day
Forth week         50%
Fifth week          65%
Sixth week         85%


24 months of Consistent Improvements with Acupuncture and NAET
(2nd letter)

Due to the Acupuncture Wellness Center Techniques, my health and endurance has consistently improved over the past 24 months.  This is a true testimony regarding my healing through Acupuncture.  With the use of Chinese herbs, fitted to my physical problems.  All designed By Doctor Denise Hoang LAc, PhD.  She is Board Certified Acupuncturist, Clinical Herbalist and a Certified NAET practitioner.  With the professional assessment of my condition, I had imediate relief and reduction of my pain.  Also I gained the confidence to stop using pain pills after a few treatments.  In about six weeks (18 treatments), I was able to completely stop the use of about 42 pills a week and laying in bed five of the seven days in a week.  This was remarkable to move consistently to the next allergic reaction and pain symptoms from my condition.  I was recovering from BOOP, and laying in bed in a medical coma of 14 days and in the hospital bed for about a month.  However this also caused my body to  hurt all over and many of my pre hospital pains were amplified due to muscle atrophy.  When I was released from the hospital, I was on 14 different medicines, including steroids, and a newly developed diabetes condition, due to my hospital stay and pre existing conditions.  They had me on 40 units of insulin.  I was ready to give up as each day went by and at 280lbs because of the medicines and poor diet (November 6th, 2009 to June 16th of 2011).  I decided to reach out to natural healing thus, I turned to my knowledge of the healing effects of Acupuncture.  Through research I was able to get a referral to Doctor Denise Hoang.  As a result I've healed in ways unexpected.  My condition is at an all time manageable level.  My strength and endurance are about 92% or better.  Today I am on two Western medications and several natural supplements.  I now weigh 182 lbs.  If I were to advise anyone, the greatest advice I would give would be to never give up!  Try to recognize that your body must be allowed  to heal your body naturally, to push out the pain and Toxins and improve your poor immune system.  Second, take notes in a journal and help your Doctor build you a blue print of your body and a remedy  to heal your body Naturally, Spiritually, Mentally/Emotionally and Physically!  Additionally I will speak with anyone who would like to hear my testimony on a one on one or in a group setting, as this is the best healing recovery in my entire life.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             -Andrew James Ellsworth Jr., June 11, 2013


Acupuncture, Herbal and Nutritional therapy, NAET

Call: 626.338.8700

Shiva Rouhani, LAc, OMD, Licensed and Board Certified > CAMERON OFFICE PARK, . Cameron Ave. Suite 110 West Covina, CA 91790

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