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Food Intolerances

Shyness due to Food Intolerances - 100% Improvement

Client Complaint

In October 2011, Kim brought her 5-year old daughter to see if I can treat her shyness.  She was not like any typical shy girl.  Kim indicated that her shyness was so severe that she would not talk to anyone other than her immediate family.  She would not respond to her teacher’s commands or socialize with any of her classmates.  Kim was concerned that if this continues, her daughter’s education would suffer greatly..


Before we began treatment, I ordered a blood test to see if she was allergic to any food items.  The test results showed that she was highly allergic to many common food items like: egg white, lemon, wheat, strawberry, chicken, celery, banana, rice and many more…  

So I proceeded to treat her food intolerance's.  After four treatments, Kim said her daughter began to speak with her cousins, which was a surprise to everyone.  On her tenth visit to the clinic, Kim reported that her daughter received a teacher’s note saying “She spoke too much in class”.   It was after our fifteenth treatment that Kim happily reported her daughter read bible verses in front of the entire church attendees.



Abdominal Pain due to Food In-tolerances - 100% Improvement

Client Complaint

"I came to  Dr. Hoang with abdominal cramps, bloating, irritable bowel symptoms and food allergies.  My first appointment, Dr. Hoang found that I had several allergies.  After a few basic NAET treatments.  I no longer have these health problems.  She gave me the tools and instructions I need to get better and stay healthy.  "Good health starts in your digestive tract.  It's hard work and you may fall of the wagon" a time or two.  I didn't get this way overnight.  In about two months, acupuncturist Denise did what medical doctors had not accomplished in years.  Instead of taking a pill to mask my symptoms, I worked with acupuncturist Denise and found out how to eliminate my symptoms and take back control of my health.  I look forward to our sessions.   Dr. Hoang is compassionate and knowledgeable.  I leave very relaxed, I sleep better after treatment.  The next day I have more energy.  Making my appointment with Dr. Hoang was the best decision I ever made.  I will forever be thankful to Dr. Hoang.  She is a blessing to me."

                                                          -Sandy Kellerman, Aug. 2012


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