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85% Improvement

Client Complaint

June 2010, a 42-year old female was referred to our clinic for migraine headache on the right side of the head.  She indicated that her symptom began when she was 30 years old.  She would wake-up every morning with pain and pressure inside her head.  Many tests were done through-out the years and nothing was conclusive.  She was put on every type of medications known for treating migraine but nothing had worked.  In fact, she felt like a drug addict.  The medications caused her to feel sluggish and even had a withdraw effect.   


Immediately after her initial acupuncture therapy her head felt lighter.  On the second visit, she said her migraine decrease by 50%.  After six visits, she reported 80% improvement in both pain and pressure.  At this point, she had stopped using medication for 6 days.  In total she received ten acupuncture therapy sessions.
We followed up with her condition in May 2012, and were told that her migraine has stabilized. She have less headaches and continue to experience 85% overall improvement.



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