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Mission Statement

     Our  goal  is  to  provide  you  with  a  unique  healing   experience that  focuses  on  maintaining  your  health  and  vitality  by identifying and  treating  the  underlying  causes  of  the  illness.

     We  will  begin  your  transformation  to wellness in  a safe, natural and  drug-free  manner  by  working  with  your  own  innate  physical, energetic  and  psychological  abilities.

     We  are  devoted  to  holistic   healing  using  the  art  and  science  of     Acupuncture     Therapy,    Auricular    Therapy,     Herbal     and    Nutritional  Therapy,  Nambudripad's  Allergy Elimination Techniques    (NAET),    Bio-Energetic    Far Infered   Therapy, Tui-Na Therapy, Spinal Stimulation,  Scar  Tissue  Release  Therapy  and  Meditation.

     Many  diseases  are  preventable  if  we  know  how.   The  key  to health  and  longevity  is   to  educate  our  patients   on  incorporating preventive  strategies  into  everyday  lives.

Call: 626.338.8700

Shiva Rouhani, LAc, OMD, Licensed and Board Certified > CAMERON OFFICE PARK, . Cameron Ave. Suite 110 West Covina, CA 91790

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