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Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique New Patient Info

Before you begin NAET treatment, please read Say Good-Bye to Illness book or CD before coming to your first appointment. NAET is a method that helps to balance energies in the body. NAET is not a primary care procedure. The patient is required to seek care of a primary care physician while getting NAET-EBP. If the patient suffers from a specific health problem, he/she should also seek care of an appropriate medical specialist to manage the health needs related to their condition. According to Oriental medical theory, when ones body energies are maintained in a balanced state, one does not suffer from most health disorders that arise from an energy imbalance. According to NAET theory, allergy sensitivities can cause energy imbalances in the energy meridians. An energy disturbance is the primary cause for any allergic reaction towards any substance. When the allergen that initiated the energy disturbance is identified via NAET testing procedures, when that allergen is desensitized via NAET Energy Balancing Procedures (NAET-EBP), that particular allergen has not been shown to produce adverse reactions in the body on future contacts. NAET is a mild, noninvasive, gentle, balancing procedure. It has not been shown to cause any long-term adverse effects on anyone within the last twenty-five years. While going through NAET energy therapies, acupuncture, massages or other therapeutic modalities. NAET is only an energy-balancing procedure that helps to remove energy blockages from the energy meridians and restore normal circulation of the vital energy in the body, with the result; patients may claim to have achieved several health benefits including relief from severe allergies and allergy-based health disorders. But one should understand that NAET is not a primary care procedure.

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