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Recommended Reading

  1. Excuses Be Gone- Dr. Wayne Dyer

  2. The Biology of Belief- Dr. Bruce Lipton

  3. Virus of the Mind- Richard Brodie

  4. When the Body Says NO, Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection- Dr. Gabor Mate

  5. Limits to Medicine- Ivan ILLICH

  6. How To Raise A Healthy Child Dispite of Your Doctor- Robert Mendelson, M.D.


"People do not become ill despite their lives but rather because of their lives. And life includes not only physical factors like diet, physical activity, and the environment, but also the internal milieu of thoughts and unconscious emotions that govern so much of our physiology, through the mechanisms of stress and the unity of the systems that modulate nerves, hormones, immunity, digestion, and cardiovascular functions. Much disease could be prevented and healed if we fully understood the scientific evidence verifying the mind-body unity."

Gabor Mate, M.D. When the Body Says NO, Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection.

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